a tv watching room is coming

a tv watching room is coming

now that ive quit my art

all of it


once all of that is moved out of the room

i will move my tv in there along with the dish hopper and our blu-ray player

and what used to be my art studio

will become

our theatre/tv room


we don’t want it in the

living room

i will be getting a new tv/monitor for my computer for the office where the tv is now

we dont like it in the office

we are excited about that

will keep myself posted on this


quitting art

quitting art

as of June 21, 2018 I’m officially throwing in the towel and quitting my art.

No one wants anything I make or do.

It’s costing me way to much to keep trying.

So I’m done.

no social media; i have to admit

no social media; i have to admit

its a bit weird

there are moments throughout my day where my brain thinks about things to tweet about and then im reminded that i dont have to spend energy and time on that anymore because i dont have them anymore and i get excited because now i get to waste my time doing other things instead


now what

i like the idea of having everything lowercase and no punctuation at all it makes you the reader work a little harder as to figure out exactly what im trying to communicate with you and then you come to the realization oh yeah




im using my blog as my twitter feed
i type bits and pieces



of me


dont get me wrong i do like it
this whole thing feels so

white pad less room feel about it

that in itself is very relaxing