I need to write something again

I’m want to write again. Not to worry, I’m not giving up my abstract art I’m adding writing.

I remember how I regret selling my typewriters off.

I had some really fine machines.

Now, I’m saving up my money to get another one.

Just one



for now.


social networks

when you think about it

most of them really aren’t

we use the social aspect

to cover up the fact

that we are all advertising

our crap

what if

there was a real social network

where you had to get to know others

you couldn’t talk about yourself

unless someone ask you a question

and the only thing you could post would be a question for others

after all

its a social network

i’m tired of them all

especially facebook

and twitter

because it’s all about advertising

and there is enough of that already.

get to know someone instead.


many years ago i used to have tons of photography equipment because that is who i was going to be a photographer

and then

the ugly truth

i was overweight

to the point

where i couldn’t bend down

and stand up on my own


pushing up

on another object

how embarresing

how shameful

so i gave that up

i didn’t like it

i wouldn’t be able to capture

the unusual

and above all

i hated it

i realized it wasn’t me

that was sad when i came to that conclusion

the worst was i sold all my equipment

i wish like crazy i would still have my Nikon D3200 with the 14-21 zoom lens

yeah the good one!

the $2100 lens

that one

and i sold it

how stupid am i?

believe me i remind myself of it

a lot.