how to know what to write about

how to know what to write about

That’s what I Googled.

One site I read said I need to answer the following questions:

  1. What am I good at?
    1. Painting blocks of paint on paper.
    2. Seeing any given danger or potential problems down a given path.
    3. Listening.
  2. What are my most interesting life’s experiences?
    1. Getting married, I’d never thought I would because I truly thought no one loved me.
    2. Playing the double bass in the then Florida West Coast Symphony conducted by the late Paul Wolfe as well as the associated youth programs.
      1. Playing in Handel’s Messiah with Jerome Butler.
      2. Playing the elephant with my late instructor Grace Sexton in The Carnival of Animals.
      3. Playing with Marian McPartland, jazz pianist.
      4. Playing with Itzhak Perlman, violinist.
    3. Living in Pasadena and Downey California for four years from 1975-1979
      1. Attending the Rose Parade several years.
        1. Waving to Roy Rodgers and Dale Evans when they were Grand Marshall’s of the parade. I was sitting on the curb when they rode by on a horse.
      2. Being introduced to international foods.
      3. Being introduced to the “melting pot” of society. I remember it was so exciting to see so many different people.
      4. Attending my first horse race.
      5. Hanging out with my lunch buddies at John Marshall Fundamental School. I was the only American white kid in the group. What made our group unique was we were all from different countries. The other four were from Mexico, China, India, and Vietnam.
      6. Attending sporting events at the Forum and Dodger Stadium and seeing these sports greats play live.
        1. Harlem Globetrotters, Meadowlark Lemon.
        2. Los Angeles Dodgers
        3. Cincinnati Reds
        4. Watching Pete Rose slide head first in person.
        5. Foot long hot dogs at Dodger Stadium
        6. Catching a bag of peanuts from the “peanut man” at Dodger Stadium.
        7. Dave Concepcion, Joe Morgan, Johnny Bench, Davey Lopez, Steve Garvey, Tommy Lasorda as coach. All the great announcing of Vince Scully.
        8. Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Julius Irving (Dr. J.), Larry Bird.
    4. Being laid off my job at Stock Components working as a roof and floor truss designer. I hated that job. I remember being called into the meeting and when I got the news a heavy feeling lifted off my shoulders and went straight up. I remember it startled me so much I turned to my left and looked up and back to see what it was. I didn’t see a thing but I sure felt it. I felt a lot lighter immediately after it happened.
    5. Attending a live concert of Luciano Pavarotti and sneaking up to the third row from the front on the last fifteen seconds of his last song to see his face. I remember it was effortless. I got his autograph afterward.
    6. Seeing Bill Cosby perform live twice at the Van Wezel before we all now know how that ended.
    7. Listening to the Dave Brubeck quartet live at Van Wezel. Getting his autograph after the show. I remember the show was titled “Together Again for the very First Time.” I remember how I loved the play on words.
    8. Watching my one and only opera ever, The Marriage of Figaro. Magnificient sets and singing.
    9. Watching plays at the Asolo Theatre in Sarasota, FL.
    10. Fiddler on the Roof and other shows at the Golden Diner Apple Theatre.
    11. Laughing out loud with Jay Leno and getting his autograph after the show.
    12. When I worked at a camera store in Sarasota, FL I waited on Charles M. Schultz and didn’t know it at the time. I was bummed when the assistant manager came over and told me after he left of course.
  3. What am I interested in?
    1. Selling my abstract art.
    2. Writing.
    3. Printing black and white prints from negatives in a darkroom.
    4. Operating a linotype machine.
    5. CNC and milling machines.
    6. To make something.

The last step is to summarize. I can only conclude I’m not good at much but I do have great memories and most of my interests are kind of out there. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to write about except it did help me write this blog post, so there’s that.


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